Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ten on Thursday


on Thursday.
Better late than never.

1. Yesterday we gave our little cherub of loveliness some time with her nappy off in the garden, she proceeded to wee like a tom cat marking her territory, in various places around the garden. This adds to my evidence that toddlers are gross.

2. Had a bit of sunshine yesterday so that was nice.......but more would be welcome.

3. We took a trip to Farmer Teds yesterday with some lovely friends of ours. After taking out a small mortgage to pay to get in, I found that my attire of wellies and a raincoat was a bit out of place when it was infact sunny, and there were concrete paths everywhere ! ( oooops) To be honest it was probably a bit of an ambitious trip for me and I'm definitely paying for it today, but we had fun, and sometimes you've gotta give these things a go ey. Little tyke had a meltdown in the animal sheds cos she just wanted to go on the slide and swings - should've just gone to the park maybe???? A helicopter did fly overhead though, which was of course the highlight of her day !

4. The 'Thomas the tank engine love' is snowballing in our house............we have succumbed to the more modern version of Thomas from time to time (still not as good as Ringo though ) This week Diesel is the favourite.........? The mind boggles at what goes through that little head of hers.

5. I really like listening to the Jo Whiley show on radio 2, I often have a little snooze towards the end of it, and then wake up when there is this weird organ music playing. It's the show that comes on after Jo's show has ended, but lets just say it's a surreal experience when you went to sleep to some Imelda May and wake up to some crazy guy playing a fairground organ.

6. Playdough creation........

7. The flowers are coming out to play.........

8. I have had my eye on a lovely dress from Boden for Willow's birthday, it's gone in the sale - good. They don't have any of her size left - bad :( 

9. Summer holidays are only 4 days away, then 6 weeks of having Daddy at home will be upon us. Have I mentioned before how great my husband is ? Well he is, and I can't wait for him to be home with his big strong man arms to hand....... He even makes me cups of tea. It's the simple things ey ;)  

10. I was pondering this week how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people help me out to make life more pleasant. So for that and them, I am thankful.

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