Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Haven't been around since last tuesday it would seem. Sorry about that, or maybe not, the last thing you want to do is read a blog post that someone felt the 'ought' to write. So yes, not sure what this week's ten will consist of, it's been one of those weeks where I can't recall what we've done. But I shall start and see where we end up......

1. During her lunchtime sleep today ( please Lord may she still be doing this right until she starts school....) The little tyke was telling her teddy off, it was really sweet. Maybe reflects a bit of the stage she's at right now. I clearly say she's done something naughty more than I realise. And as for her instructions to 'sit down there Peppa', that's another story.

2. So yes I am going to talk about it, RAIN. I am usually very complementary about british weather as I don't think it's always as bad as people make out. But this past month, how crap can it get ?  I like the heat, but can manage without it, but the rain......pah.

3. Is it just me, or does anyone else find that as soon as they leave the house they just kind of haemorrhage money. I am fairly careful with money, but at present it just seems to fly out of our bank like it's going out of fashion.

4. Maybe this next point is partly to blame for the above problem. As a lady with larger feet than average ( size 9 ) sometimes it can be tricky to get shoes that you like. So when I see a pair reduced that I like, AND in my size, I tend to just buy them without too much regard for the bank balance.  This week I got a pair of black heals for £7 reduced from £38....not bad at all.

5. We went on a trip to a nearby park recently with some friends. My little Tyke is fairly attached to her kids, and just captured this little moment of them together.......

6. Turns our there are more tasty Gluten free products that I'd realised. You can even buy gluten free fish fingers, which I did, then realised that I haven't actually eaten a fish finger for years. It's weird what you do when on a restrictive diet !

7. My lovely Husbando took some kids from his school away on an outdoor type 2 day trip last week, I was a little jealous as I quite like things like that. But when he told me that some of the kids were up in the night vomitting everywhere, including over each other, have to say, the jealousy faded.

8. I have been reading a Blog about using the manual setting on dslr, really enjoying trying to learn a few new tricks. Has made me want to buy a new lens that is better at close ups though. Some great little tutorials have really helped out my very basic knowledge of what my camera does.

9. The little carseat is never redundant in our house, believe it or not she can still squeeze in it. A great place for a little snack !

10. Playdough is popular in most houses with small kids, and ours is no exception. A great post breakfast activity. ( a quick tip, crayola also make a play dough, but it's no good at all- stick with the 'real' stuff) 

I give you a 'fish' 

I think a few of the ten on tuesday gang have dwindles slightly, but think you'll find a great 10 over on 
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