Thursday, 6 September 2012

Attempting re entry

This week we are attempting 're entry' into our usual weekly routine. DaddyDeano back at work and all the usual childcare, playgroups and sitting with just my Little Tyke and I at home are back underway.

So far, it's been a lovely week. Helped by two factors, one; although still sick, I am slightly less exhausted than I have been for most of the summer, that 16 week phase seems to have arrived with a teeny bit more energy in the tank - phew. Secondly, the sun has been out, how lovely, there is something soothing about september sun isn't there ? Not only does it feel like a bonus, but it's lower in the sky and heralds the arrival of Autumn loveliness. 

Today I decided to take the bull by the horns and go to playgroup. Thursday morning playgroup can be at times, like taking your life in your hands. Set in a local children's centre, with low ceilings and YEAR ROUND heating on FULL, it can be like entering a den of germs, heat and noise. But today there was a lovely breeze, and we were only joined by about six other parents and their little darlings, so it was relatively tranquil......phew. We've spent most of the week at home albeit with some very lovely visitors, so LT was getting a little bored of the same old toys. The only shadow looming over our lovely morning, was one very loud boisterous 3 year old boy banging a drum REALLY REALLY hard, his mum was on the phone ( I have a soft spot for her despite most other mum's not liking her ) so for some reason had enough patience to quietly suggest to said child that maybe he could be a little quieter. (This pregnancy seems to have bought with it nearly constant headaches, so one can do without too much banging of drums ! )

The other unfortunate occurrence was when one of the sure start staff who we have known intermittently since LT was about 6 months turned up, said 'hello' to her. She quivered with fright and ran into my arms crying, looking genuinely terrified. Not quite sure what to make of that, or why she was so bothered, but it was a little bit of a shame for all involved.

Hoping the next 6 weeks will be like this one.

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