Saturday, 8 September 2012

A camera kind of day

Woke today, and realised my poor camera has been somewhat neglected lately. Just been too sicky to manage to take any photos, but I now have the battery on charge, and am hoping for a few rays of sunshine later, a little trip to somewhere pretty and some pics shall be snappy snap snapped.

Hoping to return to 'Week in pictures' this week, so watch this space :)

I'm really not great at using all the settings on my camera, I do now know how to work it ( only took me 2 years to figure out ! ), but the time to practise is limited. I cut my teeth taking photos in the 80s on my Dad's old school SLR, I got a lense for my ninth birthday, which I guess is a little sad really, but I loved using it. I have to say I do struggle a bit with all the post shot editing which goes on, cos photos do look better with a little tweaking, but for me I love seeing a photo and taking it, and the faffing about on a computer isn't my favourite part of the creative process of taking photos. So while I know I'd get better images with a bit of photoshopping, right now I can't really be bothered. Yes that sounds lazy, but there we have it. One day I shall get on board a bit more with such things, but at present just a few pretty shots with a tiny bit of iPhoto tweaking shall have to do !

I have the sometimes annoying affliction of having a fairly creative eye, so I fall into the 'consciously incompetent' when it comes to photography. I tend to know when a photo looks 'good' or not, but If I waited to post 'good photos' on this blog then I just never would, and at present am not good enough with my camera to take show stopping images. 

Just returned from our trip to the park, here is my girl chasing uninhibited, after the bubbles. Beautiful day, lovely moment with my little family. My life is rich in so many ways, and this moment captures that perfectly.

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