Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Hi, I wrote this, up to point number 6 yesterday, then my day got a little complicated, and here we are now. Just a quick ten .....

Yes it's actually on a Tuesday this week too !

1. Having written in my last post that I cope with stress better when pregnant, this was put to the test yesterday and have to say, failed. Went to bed feeling very stressed only to be woken at 2am by some fella jet washing the petrol station roof near our house. Woke up a bit strung out and achy this morning.

2. I am getting very well aquainted with back episodes of tweenies these days, breakfast then tweenies seems to have developed as a pattern in our house lately.

3. Our usual usage of taxi has ressumed this past week. Little Tyke loves a taxi ride, have to say my purse isn't so much of a fan. Pricey !

4. Really enjoyed watching lots of the paralympics. Have to say, I had run out of olympic spirit a little so didn't watch as much as the olympics, but really did enjoy it. The closing ceremony was great, especially enjoyed Rihanna's performance of 'hopeless place'. Love that song, It just gets under my skin.
( did attempt to embedd a clip, but there wasn't a good on on youtube - sorry ! )

5. I Found the paralympics made me once again look at my attitude towards disability head on. They also coincided with me deciding weather or not have a nucal scan for this next baby. Will develop my thoughts on this a little more and put them into a post soon. However knowledegable and 'accepting' you are of disability, there is ALWAYS room for growth and contemplation on how we react to, include, and are patient with those different from us in what ever way. Lots of food for thought on this one.

6. I bought myself a very lovely leather jacket recently, It was a bargain on ebay and clearly being sold by someone who maybe didn't realise that a listing which ended at 2pm on a Monday afternoon isn't the  best way to sell something. I did however slightly forget I was not going to get huge amounts of wear out of it this autumn.

7. A trip to the Library is in the plan today, lots of overdue books, kids ones are fair play, but my books ( was going to write Adult book, but that sounds a little odd ey !? ) will be returned a month late with a little more, er, drop and dash.

8. I am still quite amazed by the fact my Little Tyke will soon be two, has size six feet, and can tell me new things everyday. Being a parent is such an amazing thing, but man does it fly past.      ( apart from the 4pm- 6pm slot in each day )
Here she is looking rather serious in her favourite swing at the park. Kids in sunglasses.......entirely ridiculous, but kind of cute anyhow .....

9. LT has started asking for chocolate and cbeebies before toddlers not know the rules ?!

10. I am already thinking about what I'd like for my birthday which isn't until December.......although this doesn't involve pouring through the Argos catalogue as it did as a child, I do feel a little juvenile in my anticipation of acquiring new things.

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