Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. This morning my Little tyke climbed the stairs with her Wendy figure from bob the builder in her little fingers, and said  'Come on Wendy, lets go, off we .....GO ' She's a cutie pants most of the time, which balances the occasional tantrum beautifully. Here she is with wendy in her box....we don't make her sleep in it, just for cbeebies viewing !

2. This week I feel deeply sad. Two friends are coming up to remembering loosing their children a year ago. I feel heavy and tearful, I can't imagine the deep deep grief they feel. It is a strange mix as it coincides with my little tyke's birthday celebration. Joy and Pain go hand in hand though it would seem.

3. This week I also feel knackered, really knackered. We have made the slightly barmy decision to try and convert our garage into living space. We live in a 3 storey house with kitchen and living space on separate floors. The end result will be wonderful, but my pregnant, chronic fatiguey body doesn't cope too well with additional stress, so this whole thing feels like an extra thing I could do without, but also needed at the same time. 'The end result will be worth the stress' is my mantra for the next few months I think :)

4. My lovely Husbando is 30 soon. I am hoping with everything mentioned in the point above I can manage to provide a memorable birthday celebration, but I figure I'm cooking his baby, so hoping that'll be enough ??!! ( It will won't it ? )

5. Realise I said in a ten a while ago that while pregnant I cope with stress better.......mmmm this is being put to the test this week. Maybe it's different when you have a toddler too ?

6. I have taken to watching University challenge....not sure how I feel about this.

7. We have had lots of questions about bottoms in our house this week, the time was always going to come, but it's amazing how it floors you when your little blonde haired - not quite two year old, asks anatomical questions ! Her Dad's face was a picture when she pointed and said  'ooooooh look, what's that called Daddy? ' I hid my laughter, then composed myself and remembered that I am in fact an adult and gave a very sensible, 'what a good question to ask' kind of answer.........

8. Rain, yes it's grim, but did provide a puddle jumping activity for myself and LT yesterday. ( The fact that the puddle was in tesco carpark and a little black in colour is another story ) It has also meant lots of activities like this which can be done indoors. If only there was a fairy who came to clear up afterwards though !

9. LT and I made a sponge cake on Sunday, it was more tasty than I expected, but definitely not one Mary Berry would be proud of.

10. One of my favourite people had a baby in August, she lives too far away in Cardiff and I reeeeaaallly really wish I could just wander round to hers for a cuppa and give her baby a little squeeeeeze. ( Not to mention a hug for her, a pot of warming stew to eat, and an hour or two of baby duty )

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