Saturday, 22 September 2012


I realised yesterday that I have composed lots of blog posts in my head this week, but none of them have actually made it out through my fingers and onto the page.

So I guess I'm going to do a little bullet point, whistle stop tour through my 'musings' this week.

......What is it about us human's which love to consume things ? I just like 'getting' 'acquiring' having more. 

......When will the chinese government stop doing inforced abortions on babies at 7 months, just to keep their 'birth quotas' in check. This is BAD and should never happen, ever. 

.......How many days is it until that festive occurrence in December ? Why are there already chocolate santas in tesco ?

........If we convert our garage into a living room, where would we put all the stuff in it? There is a lot of stuff in there, A LOT. This concern has kept me up more than a few times this week. When lacking the ability to do physical sorting and moving, one has to rely on other people who are often less motivated in this direction than ones self. This is stressful. Sometimes being able to get a job done yourself is quicker and easier, no matter what anyone else tells you. 

.......Living close by to family is just great. We are so very blessed, and our lovely family both near and far have come to our rescue a few times this week, with unplanned hospital visits, broken down cars and bedding emergencies, they have come up trumps. Thank you to my family.

.....Little tykes birthday is in a week or two, time to get wrapping some presents and create a number 2 cake with Thomas the tank accessories ! I have accepted the fact that a full size standing up percy cake is a little beyond my grasp right now. Do you like what I did there....knowing your limits is all en vogue these days I'm told. ( I grew up with a super mum birthday cake making extraordinaire, so have high standards for cake creations. )

......My Sister comes to visit in 3 weeks....whoop whoop. She has recently relocated to the big smoke, so I'm hoping she might bring a bit of  ' London cool ' with her. My life has denigrated into a style less, mummy type malay at present, and needs an injection of style pronto.

......There are times when I look at my life and can't quite believe it's mine. I have a great husband, and a beautiful healthy child - how did that all happen ? I thank God for these blessings most days, (to say every day would just be a lie )

.....I'm not sure if I'm meant to be eating feta cheese, but melted on pitta bread with green peppers is just what I wanted for my lunch today - yum.

......This is she, my Little Tyke, Willow Alice, beautiful at nearly 2. Boy does she keep me on my toes ! 

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