Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekend in pictures

The sun came out, so we went out. 
( I couldn't be bothered to faffle about with editing any of these, so here they are straight from the camera  - as they fell out, blurry and all. )

 Lovely Saturday trip to the park

Flower sniffing is taken very seriously in our house.

Sleepsuit still on, 8am Sunday morning........ note from the editor - Hat and Wellies chosen by model.

Just incase you were wondering what is in the bowl so lovingly carried around the garden..... 


Boo !

It's never too early in the morning for humour !


  1. Some lovely photos there- I do a week that was linky on my blog, on a Sunday if you want to link it up there. xx

    1. Thanks Katie, I'll pop over and have a look ! I usually do a week in pictures, but have been a bit lax recently !

  2. Peas are the bestest treat in our house! Josh would pick a bowl of peas over anything am loving all the mini boden stuff, doesn't work for boys!!!!
    Jemma o

  3. Thank God for Peas then ey ! stops me worrying about her veg intake ! :)