Saturday, 12 May 2012

Playgroup boycott.........

On Thursday night, lured in by the clear skies,  I decided that Friday morning Willow and I would boycott playgroup. We would instead, be replacing this tried and tested way of spending a morning with a toddler, for some ' get out for a bit of fresh air ', not the swings, but where there is grass and leaves and 'wild' things. At this time of year that's what I feel we should be doing isn't it ? While playgroup is great, it kind of feels like more of a wintery activity.

Underterred by the rain we set off on Friday morning, of course it poured down. We do live near a lovely little woodland with a stream running through it, but i'm not altogether sure it's not a meeting place for weirdos.....lots of cars parked at odd times of the day ! Overly paranoid ?................. maybe, but I do have quite a good 'weird person radar' so for now I will go with my gut on this one. 
So instead we headed for a nearby playing field.

Looking at these photos you might think what a lovely and worthwhile time we had, the truth however is we were there for about 5 minutes, Willow cried cos her hands were cold, and refused to want to do anything other climb back in her pushchair, so I cut my loses and phoned a taxi to collect us. However the new lady in the taxi office wasn't accepting my explanation of where we were 'by the fishing lake kind of near that field with a playground', so I was standing there in the rain with a crying child...not the best morning of my life. But not the worst either, there has to be worse things !

We eventually made it home, wet and a bit cheesed off.

Moral of the story....... should've gone to playgroup !

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