Thursday, 10 May 2012

Love ( see it snap it love it ! )

So this week, my 'ten on tuesday' kind of passed me by, as Tuesday was monday - you know that thing when the bank holiday gets you all confused.....well that's what happened. So here is a photographic offering instead.......

This week's theme on 'see it snap it love it' is 'Love' talk about a broad topic.......... but a lovely one ( do you see what I did there?!) I liked linking in last week, so thought i'd give it another go !  

Thanks to dearbeautifulboy for hosting it :)

As you can imagine, selecting a photo was a tricky one, but this is what I decided on. 

I think I've posted this on my blog before, but It deserves a second showing. For me this photo really does make me feel 'love' my compact family all in one shot, in the outdoors where i'm most happy. 

I also really like the fact that they are actually staring at my brother and sister deliberating what to do with my other brother's walking boots as he might need them ? We only had one key for the holiday cottage we were in, so there were questions and decisions.....where should they be left so he'd see them when he returned from the shop buying firewood ?........ the saga of the walking went on for quite a while and ended up that they left the wrong walking boots all along ! he he. 

So it not only includes my husband and little girl, but my lovely, indecisive walking boot loving siblings who I think the world of and would be lost without. I LOVE THEM !


  1. we love u :)

    that was a funny moment, two philosophy graduates may be the underlying problem?!

  2. Awwww, what a cute picture of your lovely family. And a great story about families to go with it. Nothing says 'love' more than family.
    Thanks so much for linking up. x