Saturday, 19 May 2012


So, today I sit and write, with no particular theme in mind, but just to say 'hi' to my lil ol blog. 
This week has been a good one, I have enjoyed it. 

A friend has visited, one who I really care for, and have known since I was a lanky Dr Martin boot wearing teenager  bouncing around with all the enthusiasm of a tigger on speed. 
We sat, she pregnant, me a little weak round the edges, chatting, laughing and of course our running commentary on the world continued where we left off last time. This used to be putting the world to rights, but has now more developed into a running commentary on how we just don't know anything, and the more we plod along, the more we realise we really don't know anything. (we of course knew everything when we were 15 though)
Then there was a train which took her away, but Willow is still walking round the house saying 'sarah weeze'. I think she has made a new friend.

Then there was the bit in-between wednesday and when my sister arrived on Friday night...............

There was playing, sleeping, tv and painting.......painting is the new thing in our house don't you know. It is requested at breakfast, lunch and tea..........It's a good job I don't mind painting mess, I am at home with painting mess.

Sister arrived. I rested, she played with the little one, then there were chats, and a film 'Salt' - it's a good one if you like a spy thriller type thing with Angelina Jolie jumping around, gun in hand and the world to save. For a slightly hippyish, arty loving kind of lady, I'm quite partial to a bit of spy, world saving shoot em up kind of films......everyone has a dark side I'm told.

Trip to the safari park, the monkeys jumped on the cars with their willies hanging out.....not a good look. 

Then it was now, right now. 

It's been a more busy week than usual, it's been lovely. Lovely people, lovely things, lovely times.

I am one blessed lady. 

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