Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today I got in a taxi with a different driver to usual, I am fairly convinced I will be seeing him on the next round of x factor auditions - he was singing at the top of his voice and clearly thought he was Elton John. 

2. We borrowed a 'Tots tv' dvd front he library in February, Willow absolutely loves it, but thought it was time to take it back, only 3 months overdue, but like I said she loved it and with no late fees for kids it was a no brainer ! We had to have quite a distinct over the top saying 'goodbye' to it as we gave it to the librarian so she knows i'm not lying when I tell her tomorrow that we haven't got it anymore. Why I didn't just copy it onto our laptop I don't know, but my strict copyright morals got the better of me........may live to regret that decision.

3. Sunshine is great, but suncream on kids is a right pain - no?

4. This time last year we went to Snowdonia, We had a very lovely holiday and got some weather not dissimilar to this week. Here's my girl just 8 months old, chewing on a lump of cheese at the foot of Tryfan.

It was in the middle of some of the worst few months of my life - sounds dramatic but is true. I was so exhausted and just a bit of a wreck, the few days staying there were like a tonic for me, and I can't wait to go back for a second helping !  Hoping to go back to this spot for another picnic in the sunshine....Don't think there will be as much chance to sit down as last year tho ey :) Run Daddy, run !

5. We'r having a Jubilee picnic on Monday, will it rain or not, that is the question ?

6. Cadbury's chocolate fingers, just delicious, after a trip to the library a whole packet was eaten by my good self and my little chocolate loving child.

7. When Willow woke up this morning, the first thing she asked me for were ' boons'. Balloons, balloons  everywhere - 3 packets bought and blown up in one week. A nice bit of inexpensive entertainment !

8. We have spent a record amount on food in our house this month. We spend more than average as I can't really do much food prep so we buy quite a bit of pre prepared veg and easy to cook things, but man it's got expensive. We won't starve, but there are over a billion people worldwide who eat only one meal a day.....A billion. I hadn't quite realised the enormity of the problem of the rise in food prices on the developing world, but a clever man on radio 4 got me up to speed this week, and it is really bad. Really really bad. 

9. Been gargling TCP again to try to show my tonsils who's boss, and my goodness it STINKS !!

10. And lastly I will leave you with a photo of one of my closest friends, my morning cup of tea.

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  1. Sun cream may be essential but it is a right pain in the backside #FACT! No sooner do you get the kids 'greased up' do they come over and grab you, depositing green gunk on your clothes.
    And another thing - how come the cream goes on to the kids green then disappears but get it on your clothes and it's there for life???

    And if you like tea you'll like this itsjustmycupoftea.com (sorry to add al ink in a comment I know that's awfully bad sport!)

  2. he he, no worries about the linky.
    yes the sun cream on clothes thing......grrrrrr