Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ten on Tuuuuuesssday

So here we are again, on this here SUNNY tuesday.

1. I did what every other parent did today and went out and bought a new paddling pool, to my surprise there were still some left. The crazy thing that takes us brits over when the sun comes out and Mr - 20 degrees comes to visit. Love it.

2. Willow however was more interested in her 'booons' than her pool, so we didn't put water in it, just sat in it with balloons. This however averted the usual 'sun longer sabotage', so I go to recline while she played with her chair and balloons......bliss.


3. You know you are spending too much time with a toddler, when you hear yourself say 'The helicopter has gone home for his tea' ! - if only you could ask the police helicopter to come back for another fly around.

4. As mentioned above, helicopters are big news in our house, Thomas and Percy have been shunned for Harold, there is a lot of harold love in our house this week. But to be fair he can fly, so give him his due.
( Only old skool ringo star narrated Thomas the Tank makes it onto our screens....can't bear the new channel 5 one)  #itsjustwrong

5. I did a thing this evening I often want to, but never actually do. I went for a drive through the countryside, a walk would've been nice, but a drive hit the spot. Bit of open farmland cleared my mind perfectly. Although I'm sure that's what my Grandparents do on a sunny evening ' go for a drive ' oh.dear.me.

6. Moam Stripes how I love you......seriously wonderful sugar hit. I dare not look at the ingredients.

7. I was annoyed recently cos the slugs ate our little pea plants which Willow and I were growing in the garden. I then read this and a few other articles, which highlight the crippling problems of when crops fail, 100's of thousands of children in Mali alone eat only one basic meal a day. So I ate frozen peas with huge thankfulness. When my crops fail it really doesn't matter. Not at all.

8. This week I pulled weeds out of the plant boarder next to our drive. This time last year I distinctly remember just looking at them, without the energy to get dressed let alone do even a little bit of weeding.

For being able to do just a teeny bit of weeding I am thankful :)

9. When you start having to double up on pegs, really, you just need to buy some more. There shouldn't be double pegging.

10. And I will leave you with this blast from the 90s....... Good advice from Baz.

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