Thursday, 24 May 2012


Today, this little character has entered a new phase, the tantrum. You wouldn't know from this picture though ey ?

Only mild ones so far, crying - not screaming, and a kind of crazy waggly dance (similar to those weird wooden toys where you press the bottom and the donkey thing collapses ) which signifies annoyance and distain for the fact I said 'no'

Today it was that we couldn't walk downstairs to get the letter from the mat cos we needed to go up the other stairs to get dressed. 

Not impressed. Not at all. 

The letter on the mat became her companion, as if i'd parted them never to be re united. It was in fact a stinky letter addressed to me, telling me bad news, but that's another story.

I have to say I like it that she's like this though. Yes it is quite annoying and inconvenient, but I love it that my girl knows what she wants, and has the freedom to express how she's feeling - Well until I kind of raised my voice and then tempted her upstairs with the promise of watching an episode of 'tiny' on the tv in mummy's room. see that's just how good I am at this.................TV bribery all the way *hangs her head in shame*

I'm sure there will be more of them, then there will be a few years where they cease, then she'll be a teenager and it'll all start again.

I love her, and her crazy tantrum dancing.

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