Friday, 4 November 2011

A weekend rhyme

Friday is here, it's taken a while,
The morning is dragging as i look at the washing pile.
The weekend could not come soon enough,
This weeks been a long one, with ofsted and stuff.
Ofsted is a real pain, no one likes it at all,
But for once Mr D ironed his shirt, so that's a bonus even if small.

Bonfire night is here once more, all sparklers, bangers and fire,
i love the excitement as everyone gathers, to oohhh, ahhhh and inspire.
This day 6 years ago a husband I found, down on one knee in the park,
He asked me to be his wife, none of this posh restaurant malark,
Why he wanted me as his bride, was it my personality or love for life ?
Apparently not, but my tight ass which made him want me as his wife !

We'r not really too civilised in our house you know,
Wearing a warm hat and wellies it's off to the park we go.
Walking through leaves, stamping in the mud, cold noses all glowing red,
Children out a little bit whiney cos really they should be in bed.
So here ends my rather childish rhyme, pretend I am still nine,
Wrap up warm, enjoy the fireworks and on toffee apples do dine.

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