Saturday, 12 November 2011

A cloudy week.

It's been a funny week, kind of daunted as to what to 'blog' about, as to be honest, not that much has happened. I am usually the master of making even the most mundane occurrence fun, and report it with great gusto, but this week The CFS monster has been out to play and has kept me a bit cooped up at home. A few plans cancelled which I was looking forward to, and a feeling of frustration hovering over me like a cloud on a dreary day. 
There have been a little outing or two to a baby group thanks to a very lovely 'Mummy friend' who came to whisk Willow and I away to a room filled with toys and places for Willow to roam. But there has been a lot of time in bed, and lying on the longue floor while Willow crawls around and gets up to mischief. 

When I started writing a blog, i never set out for it to be about CFS, as i don't like to give it that much of a place in my life, but it really does affect everything so it's difficult not to include it really. As I write I start to think of the things that have happened, and there are often more than I realise, so i guess that's a good thing ....................

I met my friends new little squashy baby, weighing in at a whopping 11lbs, he was a delight to cuddle, and squeeze. A beautiful boy. There is something so special about new babies, they bring so much hope, optimism and innocence. 

I also dipped my toe in the world of making ' salt dough', and I have to say I am rather pleased with the result. It has taken me a few days to clear up the mess and dry out the little creations. But we are well on the way to having some heart shaped christmas decorations to hang about the place when the festive season arrives. For me completing little creative projects like these are essential, they often take me twice as long as they should, as I get exhausted mid way through, and have to wait til another little portion of energy arrives to complete the task, but when I hang something on my wall, or send a little card in the post, it gives me a sense of achievement that watching TV all day just doesn't do.

One positive about having very limited energy, is that the thai meal I was hoping to cook to celebrate the Hubster's birthday, is now going to be cooked for us by a delicious thai restaurant, who also do take away - Wonderful.......... It will taste better, and they'll be no washing up to sit on the kitchen table for a few days til someone throws it in the dishwasher. 
So, while I have shed a tear or two about not being able to cook for my beloved, I am thankful to 'chilli banana' and their culinary delights. 

And a cheery, silly picture, to end a rather 'cloudy' post....

What more do you need in life, than your Gramps and a Rhubarb leaf as an umbrella ?


  1. Oh Hannah i do love your posts.I love the honesty,realness and often hilarity of them.You are one of life's little treasures x

  2. oooh Hannah what salt dough creations have you made? im full of enthusiasm but lacking in inspiration??

  3. Thanks Lucy ! :) The salt dough creations are just simple heart shaped. I got a cutter years ago, and just rolled the salt dough thin and then used the cutters. I got some nice stringy stuff from ebay and am going to paint them red or silver and then hang the string on. Dead simple, as i think with salt dough or other crafty things - when your not a total pro, it looks better if it's simple. Let me know if u have any ideas i can pinch :)

  4. you Mrs D are a gem.
    ps post the salt dough recipe please!

  5. Hi Jo, thanks for your kind words.
    recipe is as follows
    2 cups flour
    2 cups salt
    1 cup warmish water

    and a splash of oil if you fancy,

  6. Thanks for the inspiration Hannah, will give it a go!