Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Ten on Tuesday

......speedily speeding through a quick ten on tuesday

1. We're starting to work on developing some Deane Christmas traditions, so far it's christmas pyjamas for Christmas eve, and a trip to delemere forest to buy the tree are on the list.

2. We had our first night away without our little Tike. Was very lovely, we went to a friend's wedding in the lakes, and stayed in a lovely hotel. Yes, a hotel - not a tent, or a friends spare room, but a HOTEL ! I did miss her, until a small baby on the next table at the wedding started whinging at around 5pm !

3. My Ebay habit is getting a little out of hand. But I did get a great all in one puddle suit for Willow, however, I then discovered that a friend of mine and I who have littlies the same age, had been bidding against each other for the same things. How stupid is that ?

4. The Bin men on our street must think I fancy them, ... Willow loves watching them do their bin man business, so I have to stand there like a lemon with her til all the bins are emptied and the van has driven out of sight.

5.  Chrissy to win 'i'm a celebrity'.........yes I am a trashy tv addict, but I do listen to radio 4 to balance myself out a little.

6. I am hoping that Father Christmas is going to bring me some of these... well I know he is, cos i'm going to buy them on his behalf.....

7. This Sunday, while sitting in a hotel longue, with a of cup of tea and cake in hand, I saw a photo of a Lady with her little baby strapped to her back, a pick axe in her grasp as she walked barefoot to do a days work down a mine..... kind of puts my struggles into perspective a little.

8. Advent is on it's way, this year I am trying to get a bit into the advent thing, to prepare myself a bit to reflect on Jesus and what His birth did/does and continues to mean.

9. Willow has now started saying 'muuuum' in a way I had hoped she wouldn't adopt for at least a few years, a kind of whiney sound. Oh and she also says 'car' like she has been to 'how to speak like a scouser' school.

10. Sorry Joe Mceldrey, but Michael Buble's christmas C D is much better than yours.

Some other blogger ladies I know write a '10' on this here day of the week, check em out if you'r in the mood.......




  1. now are you expecting books for christmas or what looks like an invisible shelf...because if thats it I WANT ONE too!!


  2. invisible shelf, yeah it isn't that clear really now i look at the picture again !