Friday, 18 November 2011

Monkey, Mostaches and a confession.....

'Movember' got taken a step too far in our house. 

During a recent trip to the safari park, this hairy fella jumped on our bonnet, which is after all why we went to the safari park. Willow was overjoyed as he proceeded to chew off the rubber nozzles which squirt the screen wash out. He knew exactly what he was looking for, I'm convinced that somewhere in Knowsley there is a scrap yard which is sourced by these cheeky monkeys. ( and if there isn't, then maybe a good idea for the next disney pixar ?)   

And with no link whatsoever to the above................
A confession I feel compelled to share.

Ever sponsored a kid for a charity event, and thought, ' how do I know that they are going to give that money to charity and not just spend it' ? Maybe you haven't, but maybe you should.....

When I was about 11, a friend and I tied ourselves together all day to raise money for children in need, or red nose day, i forget which one, anyway, walking round together all day we managed to raise the slightly  unprincely sum of £12, i can remember the figure well.

After a few weeks I took it to the post office to send the money in, that's what you did in those days, no pay by text. When i got to the post office, I decided to spend a bit of it, and then pay it back after. As you can imagine, this never happened and the cash never reached the vulnerable, hungry children in far flung countries, but bought me something, so naff and insignificant, I can't remember what it was.

Yes I know it's bad, and I am even shocked at my behaviour 18 years on........

Children aren't as honest as you think, even those that seem that way. Can you imagine this little cutie, doing such a thing .......?

Only time will tell if my thieving genes have been passed on !

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  1. i'm arresting u tomorrow on suspicion of fraud by false representation. i'm on a day shift so i'm sure i can fit you in xxx