Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I like to read the guardian at the weekends, (well usually the magazine bit and the travel and familly suppliments ) Tim dowling writes in the magazine, he is a self confessed moaning kind of guy, I find him more than a little annoying, and am still befuddled as to how he got that job. He rants on and on about his wife and how bad everything they do is/goes. This week I risk sounding a bit like him as I write, Willow is keeping us up at night and to be honest I'm just a bit grumpy today. Don't say I didn't warn you.......

1. I have loads of clear plastic packets with 'spare' buttons in. Are they ever likely to be there when i actually need one, No. They are just cluttering up my bedroom which already resembles a jumble sale. Hummpph. But i can't bear to throw them out, cos sod's law says a button will fall off as soon as I do.

2. Willow now says: Hiya, Daddy, Nanny, Shoes, teddy, Bob ( the builder) Mummy, tent, cake, and no - I am quite proud of her word choices so far. Cake and Shoes are my favourite by far.

3. This is perhaps the most ugly pig I have ever seen. He lives on a little farm not far from where we live. Poor guy, it's not his fault he can't see cos his ears are too big.....But I do think he's lovely in a kind of 'ugly pig' way.

4. My salt dough creations are coming along nicely, they have been painted red and have shiny silver ribbon on, all ready to decorate the house with. I love a bit of homemade festivities.

5. I am trying to decide if it's just that I was in 'post baby haze' last year during the festive season, or has christmas gone up a gear ? It feels a bit like father christmas has taken speed and is whipping everyone into a frenzy a month early.

6.  We had a minor meltdown in our house today, when I said 'no' to Willow's request to watch the clip of herself laughing posted on my facebook page for the 6th time in one day. Who needs cbeebies when you can watch yourself on the silver screen...........ahem, drama queen in the making?

7. A lovely friend of mine came to my rescue today and let me have an hours kip. Once I had resurfaced we finished the afternoon in tesco cafe, having decided there was insufficient food in the house to feed our littlies, we went to the cafe to feed them their tea. Lets just say, it was like the circus arriving in town. But my kitchen looked less like a food fight had taken place in it, so that was good :)

8.  Eight is my favourite number, just thought you might like to know.

9. We have started watching 'I'm a celebrity'. I like to balance my musings on world poverty, politics, and the problems of child explotaion, with the more serious issues of which minor celebrity can eat a kangaroo testicle. I do find it engrossing, and my love for people watching gets fed. What else is there to do at 9pm on a wintery night anyway ??

10. Willow has a fascination with these bunny ears. She likes to wear them on her head or around her neck, if i'm very lucky she lets me wear them too. I love my girl, she's a total loony but just scrumptious.

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