Thursday, 17 November 2011

Beautiful morning

This morning I woke up bleary eyes as usual, but the slightly grey morning which greeted me, slowly gave way to a fresh, bright, crisp autumn one.

It's amazing how it's the small things which can make or break your day with little ones isn't it ? Willow happily sat in her cot while I used the hairdryer ( she HATES the hairdryer), a dry straight fringe always makes my day feel better. Then we hopped in a taxi to take us to a friend's house who looked after Willow for me while I attended a Clinic appointment. We got our usual very friendly taxi driver, always lifts the pushchair in, and is just a generally nice guy, even when I left the house without sufficient funds to pay him. It's nice to be nice.

I then enjoyed something today which I rarely do, I walked the short distance from my friend's to the Surgery - without a pushchair ! :) it felt quite odd, but freeing too. I love walking, It's not something I am able to do a great deal, but I'd always prefer to walk somewhere if I can, rather than drive. I think you miss out on a bit of life if you just go from brick house to metal car, we were made to be in the fresh air, it's good for the soul.

So that's it really, a happy morning, followed by a restful afternoon while Willow was spoilt rotten by her Nan....... ( guess what large, yellow stuffed toy character awaited her as she arrived.......... ! ) They are just brilliant with her, and they are one of life's blessings to us.

On that note, I should get off the sofa and go round and get her and the large garish addition to her toy collection.

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