Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's Satsuma season, hooray for the Orange's little cousin......

2. I have recently concluded that if you stick with one supermarket it makes life less stressful and the offers will soon come your way if you wait, why chase round after them ? Let them come to you. The amount of time and energy we use on chasing a bargain, saving just a few pennies. I am all for being thrifty, but i wonder if this is becoming an unhealthy obsession. Getting more for less, getting, getting, buying, wanting. Too much.

3. I'm a bit of a recycling/make do with what you can scrounge kind of girl. Mostly due to lack of funds to buy things new, but I do derive great pleasure in rescuing things from skips, grabbing a charity shop bargain or housing a piece of furniture someone is throwing out. Repaint it, throw a cushion on it and hey presto you have a new thing. Most of the interior of our house has been acquired this way. But the thing is, you still have to spend just a few quid on making it your own, and this is a frustration of mine. But with shoplifting not being an option, I will have to look deep behind the sofa cushions for pennies to pay for my next pot of paint/ball of wool.

4. I recently logged onto ebay to buy some christmas fabric, thinking of wrapping presents in fabric this year, then it can be re used over and over, and will look nice too. Have you ever heard of a 'Fat Quarter' ? 'FQ' to the real know it alls  - this is what squares of fabric are measured in...........who knew. Thinking of buying some of this.

1/2 YARD Deck The Halls Christmas fabric by Michael Miller!

5. Hugh Laurie has a new 'do' at the start of the new season of House, not sure i like it - the hair, or the new season.

6. Made in Chelsea, yes I watch it, i know, i know, it's a shockingly bad thing to admit, but it's true. Spencer and Caggy, will they/won't they ?? No matter how much champagne you drink and Chanel bags you have, Love and relationships are still the same. If you haven't seen it, it is worth watching just once for a laugh.

7. Autumn is firmly on our doorstep, and this year I think the light has been especially lovely. The kind which makes even the most unskilled photographers images look beautiful. I got a new camera last year for my 30th, and have to admit I am still slightly amiss as to how to use all the settings. I've always loved taking photos, but really should work out how to use my camera properly. As my brain is slowly coming back to life after having a baby, I should probably stop watching trashy tv and read the manual. - i'm not the manual reading type tho, more trial and error, so maybe i'll stick with that. 

8. It's slipper season- Hooray for warm toasty feet. Yes these are my feet, and yes they are huge, size 9 if you must know. 

9. Willow has created a new word this week, Daddy + Nanny = Naddy,  she was sat up in her cot saying it over and over. have to say, it freaked me out a little !

10. Spotify - where have you been all my life. You can just listen to any music you want, ANYTHING  ! It's a bit mental really, to think of all the years i have spent trying to acquire music by any means, from the old 'quick it's on the radio, press play and record at the same time' to borrowing c.d's and downloading the odd track here and there from iTunes. But now, I can listen to whatever I like. The decision anxiety has set in tho, it's a bit too much to comprehend. Am enjoying rediscovering the delight that is India Arie, vocal gold with a funky soul vibe. 

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