Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Wow, it's Tuesday again I'm told. So here we go with another Ten............

1. This little fella died in our grass the other week, he gets stroked and pointed at frequently. Can't quite bring myself to throw him out.....If I had a better lens you would see that he has his little front leg things over his face like he's hiding his eyes, quite cute in a weird kind of insect way.

2. The bin men watching continues..........they  now wave to her every week. Gives us something to do on a Monday as we have 3 separate collections. Council tax well spent !

3. We have started going to Jo Jingles, It's a singing and making noise kind of session for kids, a lovely enthusiastic lady runs it and produces all kinds of soft animals, bubbles, things to hit and make noise with. It is kind of weird going, as my more energetic self would probably be doing something similar to this as a job, so it's odd being on the receiving end of the over enthusiastic interaction with Children !

4. All the furniture in our house apart from our bed and one chest of drawers has been given to us. We are really thankful for this as money has always been pretty tight. It does however mean that things don't match too well, and the truth is, I like things to match. My solution to this problem has been to paint most of said furniture white. I like painted White furniture, but mostly do it so it matches. There have been a few items which haven't yet had this treatment, but we are slowly getting there. I'm hoping that our house won't look like somewhere the ice queen might live by the time we've finished. But it's got to be better than the 90's yellow pine effect surely ?

5. As you may recall there was much curtain purchasing debacle not so long ago, well the poles are up, and soon, they shall be actually hanging at the window - better late than never.

6. I have been playing with a photo editing kind of website thingy recently, here is the product of my brief attempt. A snappidy snap of my girl and her Daddy.

Doesn't it look flashy - Curved edges and text too......whatever next !  

7. We're trying to plan things for the Summer holidays, Husbando gets 6 weeks off so hoping to visit some family in various parts of the UK. Petrol prices have got so flipping ridiculous, not sure we'll get much further than Birmingham at this rate.

8. To tweet or not to tweet that is the question?

9. Having had CFS for approaching 9 years I have tried many weird and wonderful diets and remedies to try to alleviate the symptoms. My latest thing is to try the Gluten free diet. So we'll see how that goes. Avoiding Gluten is defiantly easier than all sugars (which I did for a whole year) Cos sugar tastes nice, Gluten however does not.

10. I have finally had to take my wedding ring off. A fierce argument ? Unable to take the toilet seat being up anymore? No, my fingers are just now quite a bit fatter than they were when we got married 6 years ago. Well to be fair there wasn't any fat on them at all when we got married, now they are just normal, but anyhow, I can't wear any rings - feels VERY weird. But the checkout guy in tesco did try to chat me up, so that was fun! ( more weird than fun if the truth be told )

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