Tuesday, 26 June 2012

See it Snap it, love it.

Peace and Quiet

I try to take a photo each week on the theme, and for this week, my peace and quiet has been the view from my bed, this is what I see.......

There are sleeping babies, and lakes, and seasides and peaceful gardens, bath times and cups of tea but this week, this view has been my 'Peace and quiet'. A mirror I bought from a charity shop and painted which now has pride of place on the cupboard in our room, and in the reflection I see folded towels on the bookcase. Folded towels to me are a sign that something is going right in the Deane house. I like a folded towel, brings me some sense of inner peace. 


  1. It's certainly the simple things that give us real peace.

  2. What a lovely photo. It definitiely says peace and quiet to me, very calm and tranquil. X

  3. Fab photo lovely, looks very quiet and peaceful to me. xx

  4. It says peace and quiet to me too. Peace is definitely doing nothing. Lovely!