Monday, 18 June 2012

Life unmasked - Worship

Anther entry into my 'life unmasked' project. This is my little space to look a bit deeper, and reflect a little.

I can feel something in my soul awakening. Something which has been dormant for sometime. It's a tough one to explain, but my soul, my heart, the me bit of me, has been hidden for a while, clouded by fatigue, questions, confusion, disappointment and disillusionment. Uncertain how to fit the old with the new, the now. How to look at this moment, right now and work out how it fits in with what I believed I would be, would be done through me. So many lofty ideas, so many dreams. 
It's a new kind of dreaming, a new kind of interaction with the one who made me, a new kind of worship, but also totally the same all at once. 
Worship is at my core, and when I loose my way in that, I loose a part of myself. To some it may sound strange, but to me it is just instinctive like a vein running through my body. 

It's like something once fairly intricate and complex has just become simple.

Life: Unmasked

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