Thursday, 14 June 2012

A grumpy day

Willow and I both emerged from our beds a little grumpy. She uncooperative, me hormonal and overtired from yesterdays exertions. I raised my voice a few times to her, I felt a little guilty but not too much. I think it's ok for littlies to see their mum's a little short tempered from time to time. It's just life.
I tried to balance my short fuse with patience, but when your small person has dragged you from where you sat content with a cup of tea, to the hallway as they want to go 'up staaars', only for them to get distracted and change their mind half way, well it's just annoying isn't it. 
She's cute, but she's just a little human, It's good to remember that when around small people, they're just like us with less social boundaries, ability to care for themselves, or self regulate how they react to things. 
I'll let her off for today, but may she wake up tomorrow ( a little later than normal if possible ) with a smile and the desire to have her nappy changed and get dressed. Oh, and maybe do something other than 'watch thomas'. 

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