Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ten on Tuesday

This week's entry is largely about my little tyke. She is just in such a cute phase right now, I wish I could pause it. She is great to be around, never stops chatting and has really delved into the world of discovery and imagination.

1. On Sunday my brilliant Husband dug a hole to put an apple tree in the ground. My little tyke decided that she would join in and dig for worms, she really likes worms. But today she progressed to picking them up and placing them on a large square rock in the garden, saying it was 'worm's table' so there were worms on their 'table', the tree was planted and all was well.

2. On the topic of the cute language acquisition phase, she's getting into the stringing words together thing at present. The cutest one so far was when she said to her Daddy. 'Wiwwow Daddy's pork chop' (that's his little nickname for her) to hear her saying it while pointing to herself was a little odd, but cute none the less !

3. I have decided recently that trying to view what I have achieved in a week is just a bit too short a space of time, so I'm going with the month view...........weeks are so last season.

4. Today I feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. I know it sounds cliched but I really am so fortunate to have such a lovely healthy little girl, to live not only with a roof over my head but in a beautiful house with nice things in, with a garden, hot water coming out the taps, not to mention all the other luxuries we live around. Sometimes it jars with me, unsure as to why it's me who gets to live in such lovely conditions. But I decide thankfulness is the best way to start. 

5.  This time as we travelled back from Snowdonia, for the first time in ages I wasn't dreading coming home. I often hate returning home from holidays as daily life can be such a struggle. But this time I was looking forward to it, a sign that things are getting a little easier maybe. I am thankful for this too.

6. On sunday morning I got up with Willow, sat in my dressing gown on our grass and cut the edges ( which were rather jungle like in length ) with a pair of scissors. Oh it felt good to look out on a garden with neat(ish) edges. Yes it's a little sad, but I do love it when I can get outside and preen the rather unkempt garden.

7. I have decided I like the toddler phase more than the baby phase. The newborn phase is a different thing, nothing rivals that. But I like it in toddler land right now. 

8. Willow will be 2 in four months time, so she's still most definitely 1 as 2 is for big kids and I have a baby still, yeah right. Anyway, despite my utter defiance at the fact that my little girl will continue to have birthdays and get older with every passing year, I have started to think about her birthday already. 
Yeah I don't work so when I have energy, I like to plan nice things. I have am fully embracing the 'birthday clothes' tradition which is a thing in the city we live in, and already keeping my eyes out for a birthday dress for her. So far this cute item is in the running.....

9. Nappy changing has become a bit of a chore these days, she protests greatly and all teddies have to be cleaned with a wipe too..........takes a loooong time. But I am not about to embark on potty training so we shall struggle on.

10. And I will finish with a thought about Chorizo. I go through phases with Chorizo, sometimes it feels like it's in everything we eat, then there are dormant phases where it just sits in the fridge. This week is a chorizo week, and have discovered that grilled chorizo on a rice cracker with soft cheese is particularly delicious. Yum.

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