Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Part One !

The Jubilee weekend begineth....

On Saturday I had a very lazy morning in bed. When I emerged at lunchtime my super amazing Husbando had created this crown with the little tyke !
Peppa pig was the first to be crowned as other models were a little retisant.

She soon put on her crown and mounted her royal steed. 

Union Jacks everywhere....

 How amazing was the queen standing up all afternoon.....that woman has some stamina !

 And finally, my little queen in her castle.


  1. So cute:) Did your husband make the crown himself or he bought it?

  2. He made it ! It was a little project he wanted to do with willow, although it has to be said he did most of it while she was asleep. He doesn't usually produce such crafty creations at the weekends I assure you !