Tuesday, 9 October 2012

TEN on Tuesday

1. Last week was our 20 week scan....baby is all healthy and well as far as anyone can tell. Phew.
I have gone into 'baby prep' mode. Which is fairly early, but with potential of garage renovations, then that end of year festivity, and the inevitable (still hoping to prevent it) SPD at the end of pregnancy where I can't bend or move much, I am doing a bit of sorting and planning where I can now.

2. Autumn has well and truly set in, and it's lovely. The sun has really come out hasn't it......beautiful fresh mornings. Lovely.

3. Lots of my friends are having their second babies right now, which is making me very broody, given the ever expanding belly - this is only a good thing I guess.

4. I had the ridiculous thought of ' oh I don't feel too horrendously sick now, maybe a third baby will happen one day ' mmmmm, maybe not !

5. Our house has that post christmas feel at the moment, lots of birthday toys which haven't yet found their home.......lots of mess and chaos. Time to find them a home me thinks.

6. Got a cold yesterday and forgot how annoying it is not to be able to take anything. I was a bit cheeky though and went to the pharmacy to see if I could buy some corvonia throat spray......the lady clearly couldn't work out if I was pregnant or not, and spent a few seconds working out how to word it just incase she was wrong - Being quite tall means that my bump isn't easily hidden under the counter ! I put the poor woman out of her misery and told her. Throat spray instantly denied. So instead I have gargled TCP.......can't see how that is any better, but there's no way I'm getting an infected throat.

7. The lovely Husbando is going through the wonderful process of Ofsted this week, it has beautifully co incided with LT suddenly waking up naughty ! So tonight there is an exhausted husband and a HUGE stain on our stairs carpet where our little darling squirted foundation everywhere. ( I am pretty good at getting stains out of carpet, but this one is bad, really greasy, makeup stain bad )

8. Really can't think of anything vaguely interesting for number 8.

9. I think I may have overdosed slightly on panel type shows. I seem to watch quite a lot of them, you know you watch too many when you can predict what Sarah Millican or David Mitchell will say, and can also imitate Jimmy Carrs laugh with scary precision.

10. Anyone else totally fed up of politicians ? Seriously, come on people sort yourself out. And if anyone else suggests that Boris Johnson should be prime minister...............

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