Sunday, 28 October 2012


A week ago we were at a friend's wedding, This is my Little Tyke, in a moment where I was sat down resting my weary legs while Daddy took over the childcare. I have to be honest, she was in an awkward mood, a little obnoxious, a little bored and tired......not the best combination ! 

Thankfully there were balloons, and she loves them, really loves them. Infact, today we visited some lovely friends, I asked her at bath time if she'd had a nice time at their house, she just looked at me, and said 'no balloons', I think that demonstrates how she measures things right now.

The purple balloon in this bunch came home with us, and she has carried it around like a pet all week. Seriously, I have had to hold it while she was 'busy playing', it all got a little ridiculous. Sadly, true to scientific theory, the helium effect hasn't lasted forever, so today, she was crestfallen that her balloon wouldn't 'go up'.... (needless to say her Dad saw fit to inhale the remaining helium and do a squeaky voice ) 

Alas the purple balloon has met it's end.
Half term is over, the purple balloon provided a week of entertainment for my little two year old loopy lou, on to the next week without it. 

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