Tuesday, 16 October 2012

It's Tuesday ! So it's time for ten

Well, it's suddenly Tuesday and I seem to have neglected this here blog a little lately, Due to doing a few more things than normal, so not entirely bad.

1. We went out for a lovely trip to a park near our house on Saturday morning, huge majestic trees dropping their leaves, and gorgeous sunshine waking us all up a little bit. I took my camera, but STUPIDLY it didn't have the sd card in it....DOH. Silly silly silly. But there are beautiful Autumnal photos in my brain so I guess that will have to do.

2. Little tyke and I have had colds for the past week, nothing too awful, just snotty noses and grumpiness. I was bracing myself for feeling really rough, but thankfully that didn't happen.....phew. LT really has shown her strength of will this week, that joined up with being a bit under the weather has made her more hard work. Makes me realise how easy she usually is ! 

3. We are going to a friend's wedding this weekend, and I can't wait. We also get to see my lovely Grandparents, who I haven't seen since LT was about 3 months old, so as you can imagine, I'm looking forward to that too. Got a bit of a shock when typing in the journey details into google maps, as I scrolled down it gave me an 'estimated cost of fuel' shhhhhesh, fuel has got expensive, and when you don't get much change from £100 for a return journey, things have certainly got a little crazy. CRAZY I tell you. 

4.  I had this crazy moment last Thursday, while lying in bed. LT goes to her Nan's for the afternoon on a Thursday so I can rest. I spent a bit of time on the laptop and suddenly I'd done all our Christmas shopping, just like that. I don't find Christmas shopping particularly stressful, and quite enjoy it, so it's not something I felt I had to 'get done' , but for some reason ( I blame the early nesting instincts!) I just got the urge to get it all in and sorted out. Never before have I been so organised !

5. Our little baby cooking away is of the boy variety, so I am already attempting to stop myself from spending money we don't have on clothes that aren't pink ! So far I'm doing well. Think we have lots of lovely hand me downs coming our way for him, so that will be fun - rooting through boxes of things other little people have worn already. I'm not fussy where clothes come from, for me rooting through a box of second hand things is just as fun as picking your own. ( although sometimes I know exactly what I want and it's not in the box, in this instance, shopping must be done ! )  I think we have gone a bit crazy how much money we spend on babies in this country, it seems so incongruous when there are babies without basic sanitation or food and our little ones walk around in outfits which cost huge ammonts of money. I'm still trying to get the balance on this issue......looooong way to go before I get my head around it though. 

6. Last few points all about the Little tyke of mine...... a few sniffly days at home, doing this.....

 watching this.......

7. Bringing in the harvest this morning after breakfast, a little trip to the garden and look what we found.....

 She insisted that she wanted to wash the tomatoes.....
 scrub scrub.......
8. Paints discovered shortly afterwards.......

 ( paint then walked up the stairs carpet.....arrrrg, wet cloth, apply cleaner, scrub affected area, repeat )

9. New birthday coat, this child now has 3 winter coats........sure that's not right ! This one was a gift from her Great Aunty, all warm and snug.

10. I read this psalm this week. Wonderful words.

'I give thanks to you oh Lord with all my heart, I will sing before your holy temple as I worship
I will praise your name for your unfailing love and faithfulness, for your promises are backed by the honor of your name' 

Psalm 138 v 1-3

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