Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thinkings in a poem, kinda

There are new highs, new lows.
The dark times feel like they are looming, waiting to pounce, for something to....just....tip....the....balance which makes it all fall apart.
But for now we are walking the tightrope of life, that's what it feels like doesn't it with two little ones?
Making sure everyone is all fed, happy, clean and smiling, while trying to keep oneself sane so the wheels on this wagon don't fall off, 
that would be bad, 
really bad.

I am thankful for help, 
for funds to fund the help, 
help is good, 
we all need help.

There are moments when such contentment washes over,
Joy, relief and excitement that we have created our family. 
What will the future hold ? 

I get the feeling this is the hardest part we are in right now,  
It's damn hard work, 
I have always liked hard work, 
kind of.

So rewarding, such joy, such fear, so many unknowns and uncontrollables.

Babies are cute, 
babies smell, 
babies need care ALL THE TIME.

Families were made to be big,
I need family, our extended family, and my immediate family, 
for love, unconditional love.
 'Too tired for niceties, but still love' - love, 
that's the Love I'm talking about.

Food, that's good too, lots of it we have had, 
bought by friends, 
so many friends,
unique and kind.


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