Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1. My kids are cute, here is evidence. I love them.

2. Loving this song this week. The way Pink sings has always got under my skin, her vocals are just amazing. If I could sing like anyone, it would be her I think. She has got a whole lot of anger there, but man can she belt it out.

3. You know have a toddler and a baby when you are rocking a car seat with one foot, using one hand to operate a breast pump and the other to fill a duck shaped watering can, all at the same time. Just call me a multitasking mumma extraordinaire ;)

4. Our little chap has recently decided that sleeping for 5 hours in a row is a good plan. This is good news.

5. I think when you produce your second human being, you kind of have to emerge from newborn babyland a little sooner. So I have purchased two new pairs of shoes this week ( aside from the fact that quite literally ALL my footwear had holes in, I felt I needed them ) Granted they spend less time on my feet than my slippers, but they look nice on the shoe rack, and when I do escape the house it's nice to look, well, nice !

6. When someone gives you a £20 voucher for boots as a baby gift, is it wrong to use it to buy yourself perfume.......? the jury is still out on this one, comments appreciated !

7. Little Tyke is living up to her name at the moment, the tantrums and shouting of that all important two letter word 'N O ' have reached a peak in our house. Oh it is good to be the one who needs to breastfeed the contented baby when such incidents occur, Husbando it's over to you. ( he spends his days trying to teach unruly teenagers, so is fairly good at dealing with such things ! )

8. Salad, I want to rediscover salad. We need to make friends again, spring is finally here to stay - I hope, so it's about time I got munching on some delicious crunchy leaves. It's one of my favourite things to eat, but didn't mix well with pregnancy, and can take a bit more preparing than a quick bit of toast, but I am determined to consume some soon.

9. We booked our summer holiday this week. 3 nights in the Lake district in one of these....

It's like camping but in a wooden tent with sealed doors......hoping it will be a success. PLEASE GOD let it be nice weather.

We are going with some friends who have kids the same age as us, I'm wondering if maybe this plan was a little ambitious for this summer, but hey, you gotta give these things a go, and at least husbando won't be having to put up a tent on his own while I sit in the car ! In my more energetic state I am fairly competent at putting up tents and all things practical, so it pains me greatly that I have to sit around and watch him do all the hard work. That said, there is something very attractive about watching ones husband work up a sweat completing a practical task ;0)

10. It's April, APRIL. As my lovely man said this morning as he staggered around our room in an attempt to wake up enough to haul his tired self off to work. '...April has kind of taken us by suprise' he's not wrong. It was January last time I checked.

Feel free to leave a comment below.....still in decision about the perfume thing ;)


  1. I think that buying yourself perfume with a baby gift card is perfectly fine. I always found that our babies were in need of absolutely nothing, and I really don't see the point in spending money on something they don't need and we don't want. I reckon a happy mama is a pretty good gift to a baby, and sometimes a little luxury like wearing perfume even if you're just around the house doing mom stuff really helps to make for a happy mama. :)

    If I give someone a giftcard, I always hope they will spend it on something fun that they really want and may not buy otherwise.

  2. Well I shall take your advice then !! Bring on the nice smells :)