Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Linky Links

Although energy hasn't allowed much blogging from me over the past few months, I have been reading lots of fantastic writing and snippets from other blogs, so thought I would share a few.

I have been chewing over some ideas of how I want to write, create and change this blog maybe a wee bit. Moving towards writing a bit more about my faith, questions I have, things which inspire and challenge, and of course still some ramblings about daily life in Deane-ville.

'Space in the middle' - Interesting thoughts on when we are in that in between stage in life, or waiting for something to change. A guest post for this blog which I love to read....she writes with humour and honesty which are infectious.

'Day with Evelyn' - A day with a two year old.....made my days seem a little less hectic !

'Ressurection' - Poetic and eloquent prose on the resurrection.

'Thoughts on the hijab' - What is says really !

'late note' - humorous and brief.

.....and lastly this blog, one I have read for a while, the lady who writes it I know, and over the last year she has reformed her blog a little, and I really like what she writes and shares. She is a talented photographer and a mother to five lovely children. At times I read her blog and if i'm honest feel envious of her capacity for life, but one thing I love about her writing is how real it is, she doesn't pretend to be a superwoman and writes with great openess and humour about how some days she is spinning lots of plates and just about keeping them all in the air. 
(Secretly I think most people who read her blog thinks she is a superwoman and I would kind of agree.....Eshet Chayill Sarah ! )


In the space between reading these blogs, my days are mostly filled with filling small people with food, then emptying the nappies they fill with said food, then filling my stomach so I can keep filling them. The circle of life has many facets ! 

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