Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. 'Play house envy' has set in, this is our next door neighbour's play house. Yes, we have a very very lovely playhouse which was kindly given to us. But look at this wooden, pink, scandinavian looking abode - I want that house !

 2. On the topic of domestic bliss, we have a new kitchen...........no it doesn't have self closing doors, but check out that toaster..........Can't buy one like this in Magnet kitchens let me tell you.

 3. Ready, steady...........Blow !

It was Aunty Nicola's birthday at the weekend, so candles were to hand, thus it was a birthday lunch at our house today !

4.  I am carrying a lot of 'eco' guilt at the moment. Since my teenage years I have been a bit of a tree hugging type, and have spent the last 15 years or so, educating myself about how our crazy planet is being treated, and the people it affects as we in the west slowly consume and throw things away til we ruin everything completely. But at present my levels of caring for our planet have reached an all time low. I have thrown away plastic this week cos it was easier than putting it in the recycling, I have used far too many new plastic carrier bags out of laziness in not taking one with me, I have ditched the eco balls cos I like the smell of chemically fresh washing, and use baby wipes like they are going out of fashion - cos a flannel is a faff....................................................Yes I know, this puts me along with most other parents in this country, but that doesn't make it good now does it !? 

Sometimes I wish I knew less about eco issues, nutrition, and Fair trade etc - ignorance can be bliss.

5. Having shorter hair has given me a cold neck.

6. Living opposite a retail park is testing my self control at the moment.

7.  Here are the lovely £1.50 purchases from this week's bargain isle. 

8.   Need to get new curtains for Little Tike's bedroom, I know what I want in my head, but can I find it...... NO. 

9. Today I took Little Tike to the library, got there and realised I hadn't put her shoes on......good job it was carpeted ey. 

Note to self, small child needs to wear shoes, must remember EVERYtime we go out.

10. It will be May soon, and I'm hoping that it's as warm as it was last year - pleeeeeease. 

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