Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Ten on Tuesday

  .......on a wednesday.

Yesterday was just one of those days where the blog wasn't a flowin'. So here are my eight on wednesday......cos I don't have 10 in my head.

1. Little tyke has some serious issues with her size and how it relates to inanimate objects. She keeps trying to get IN her small ' bob the builder's surf shack' house toy thing. Think about 6 inches by 8 inches and you about have it. She also does this with toy chairs from a dolls house at out local playgroup, and tries to sit on them. Weird.

2. It is the beautiful Easter holidays. Two weeks of lovely time when there are two adults, not just one. Bliss. A few lie ins, and a bit of company, not forgetting the sweet joy of having a shower on my own, or not in 2 seconds flat while she watches andy pandy.

3. So, there was sunshine ................and then there was snow. Having bought myself a rather beautiful new spring/summer dress, I was more than a little bit frustrated that the lovely yellow shiny sunshine has hidden itself firmly behind those chilly white clouds.

4. Easter is upon us, and this year there shall be Easter eggs in the Deane house. Last year there weren't any. Little Tike was too small for chocolate and the husbando and I couldn't really afford to buy any. It's a bizarre thing, cos for me Easter just isn't about Chocolate eggs. It's about the celebration of Jesus' resurrection. The stone rolled away, new hope, eternal life, victory over death. But I am happy to eat chocolate, so will be combining the two! And yes I guess there is the egg-new life link, but lets face it, that really is tenuous.
(But the Easter bunny, for me is just a step too far. Not a fan of the Easter bunny) 

5. For the third week in a row, a friend has made me cake. This week it was a very tasty lemon drizzle cake and a bunch of flowers too. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. There should always be cake.

6. The beauty of having the lovely Husbando off work, is that I get to go out and about a little more. And dashing for bed as soon as Little tike has her lunchtime sleep isn't so pressing, as this can happen later in the day if needed. So yesterday we had a lovely coffee together while she slept. 

Life's not too bad when you get to sit somewhere pretty and have a much needed chatter with your favourite Man ey. I am one lucky lady.

7.  Wires, I hate them. Really hate them. This is why........

8. I am loving the new TV show 'the voice' It kind of scratches my itch for a bit of fairly good live music threaded nicely into my television viewing. I also really like the combo of judges on there. Tom Jones with Will I am - interesting combination. Such a relief from the X factor which I gave up on many years ago. 
( wouldn't mind one of those chairs either ! )

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