Sunday, 15 April 2012

Joy at Easter.

The last few posts have been little brief ones. 'Cos it's been the Easter holidays - Daddy at home, sometimes the 3 of us, sometimes at my parents, where there was a beautiful 5 adults to 1 child ratio - hap peeeeee days.

I have to be honest, I was kind of dreading the Easter holidays, even though it is one of my favourite, if not my favourite time of year. That is precisely why I was dreading it. You see I love celebrating Easter, the resurrection, spring arriving, being able to go out in a mac not a thick wooly coat, there being more daylight, and of course tulips. I love tulips. 

But it often ends up that I spend most of this time in bed, which is just not so good. But this year, yes my friends, we had a lovely Easter time. There were trips to the park, chocolate, church services, tulips, visiting family, seeing friends and lots of laughs. Yes of course lots of rest times, but just the correct amount. 

Hooray ! It's nice when things work out isn't it ?

We even had one of those oh so rare moments (which anyone with a small child will understand) where you are all happy, not tired, everyone slept well the night before, and enjoying the same activity at the same time ......... !

These are the moments we limp through the tricky times for aren't they ?!

To be honest if these holidays hadn't been good, I think I may have cracked up just a little bit. I have just been struggling, with the constant struggle, you know what I mean ? 
But this past two weeks were a breath of fresh air. 

Yes I feel nervous about the weekly normalities and struggles resuming tomorrow, but with a bit more juice in my tank, and the promise of sunny skies -  I think i'm ready to face it all head on.

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