Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have never really been into the whole 'pensioner chic' but check out this chintzy little teapot cosy - I quite like it !

2. Little Tyke is starting to learn her colours. Mostly she gets it wrong, but it's so adorable watching her try. 'yed'  'yewow' 'puuurpull' and 'geeeeen'  are the current favourites. I almost feel scared of introducing her to orange, cos as far as she's concerned that's something you eat and drink. Weird English language !

3. We stayed at my parent's house for a bit last week. They have a fairly large house which kind of all interlinks - so is a great race track for her to run from room to room. There is also a train line near by and lots of 'amnals'...................... so all in all, she was one happy little tot.

4. I have been thoroughly enjoying sprucing up my spring summer wardrobe recently. I realised it has been about 3 years since I've bought anything spring summery apart from maternity clothes, so has been a real treat getting a few things. But I hadn't realised how expensive clothes had got ! But with a splurge on a nice dress and a scrimp on a pair of £2 jeans from ebay and I'm a happy lady.
Oh, and a new cardigan - it's amazing what a new cardigan can do for an old top ey :)

5. I am a bit of a fan of the itv crime drama 'scott and bailey' I love a bit of a female detective programming ! One of the lead characters goes from one disaster to another, the lady who plays her has got that 'distressed lady on the edge ' face down. She's a brilliant actress.

6. Strawberry picking season begins in a few weeks - Love love love strawberries. So much so I got Little tyke these dungarees.........
Husbando thinks they're gross, I think the opposite, but will need to be reminded not to nibble her arms while she's wearing them. #eatable

7. Bit of chalk drawing on the floor ( before you get too concerned it isn't a solid wood floor, but some fairly cheap vinyl - beautifully washable )

8. We bought one of those silicone moulds in the shape of a rabbit, doesn't bear a huge resemblance, but it's a fun way to bake with the Little Tyke.

The outcome looks more like something which didn't quite make it into Jurassic park, and needs beautifully decorating, but hey here is what we made.

9. Two family members have had Job interviews this week, not sure who's more anxious them or me.

10. I thought I would leave you with a slightly odd photo of my lunch......... Guess who forgot to get the shopping delivered yesterday. So here is what I found in the fridge. Veg, Fruit, Cake, and cocktail sausages.

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