Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week in Pictures

I have been rather snap happy this week, 
First, it's all about the boy.
He is just so utterly scrumptious .........

  There is a lotta love for this chap in our house .........

And what is not to Love ?

Pretty in bloom

 There was a kind of 'abney and teal' inspired creative play session in our house on Thursday.....It was all going on....

I introduce you to 'Neep's relations' and 'Toby dog'...

Abney and Teal's Island .....

If you know not of Abney and Teal, do a little googling, have a watch on the cbeebies iplayer, it is kids tv at it's most creative, bizarre and lovely.

And finally.....a good bit of Thomas the Tank.
James the engine poised for action.

That, my friends, is my 'week in pictures' !

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