Tuesday, 4 June 2013

So glad we made it

After a week of staying at home being unwell, we managed to drag ourselves out on Saturday. It felt good to dust off the cobwebs and do something different from the daily grind.

Where we live there is a big ferris wheel type thing, a bit like the London eye, but not as big, so we like to refer to it as the 'Liverpool squint'. 
It's been around for years now but we have never been on it, but we finally made it.

Here we are posing for the camera !

Lunch out afterwards at the dockside.....lovelyness.

Couldn't resist adding this one is, little squash riding shotgun next to his Daddy.

I should probably add that I don't think I took most of these photos as was kind of sharing the camera with my kind of brother in law ( he isn't technically, but I think of him that way )

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