Tuesday, 20 August 2013

This morning

It's 7.49am and I am writing a blog post. This is not usual behaviour in my world, but I am awake and both my small people are asleep. ASLEEP. This never happens..........NEVER.

So I am kind of enjoying it, and kind of annoyed that I am not asleep too.

Breakfast TV which isn't Cbeebies.

I can hear my Little Tyke stirring, she is soon to run into the sitting room, full of the usual energetic excitement of most nearly 3 year olds. ' Can I watch something ? ' Will be her first words spoken. Then I will contemplate for a moment....... Do I want my daughter to watch TV as the first thing she does when she gets up, I will internally answer 'no', but then out of my mouth come the words, 'yes darling, you may'...........

I am telling myself to 'not sweat the small stuff'...... Giving a 6 month old breakfast is easier when there isn't a big sister to sort out too.

She will run around outside later, paint and dig a hole, so I like to balance the equation with a bit of cbeebies !

Ok, now the little squash is also awake......

It was nice while it lasted......

Must get off my ass and do some mothering.

Hope your day is a good one people.

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