Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Monster and I

Whenever my energy picks up a bit, I feel alive, like each day is not purely survival, rest is my key to success  and when I get enough of it, the times in between are sweeter.

Being able to stand long enough to do the washing up on our holiday.

Enjoyable to stand at my brother's wedding, have a brief conversation with someone instead of madly darting my eyes around to try and see if there is somewhere I can sit down without seeming too rude.... ( there was still a lot of this, but not as much as usual !!) 

Tasty and fun to have a takeaway with dear friends, staying up til 9pm !

Heartwarming to see my brother marry his beautiful wife, to be able to be there, and share that day with them.

Sleeping for 9 hours in a row.

Picking a few flowers from the garden and putting them in a vase to showcase their beauty.

Reading my Bible for a whole chapter and managing to concentrate long enough to breathe it in.

Going to the swimming pool with my little family.......... Sitting in the water holding my boy, while Daddy energetically marshalled Little tyke's attempts at drowning herself. The energy to get there and get changed was all I wanted for now......... swimming again will come in time.

Being outside, sitting watching beauty unfold.

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