Monday, 19 November 2012

Just a brief Hello....

Ok, so it's been nearly a month since I have stopped by to say 'hello'.

I have been resisting slightly as If i'm really honest, I haven't had anything good, or interesting, or poignant to say. And If I started writing a post about how I felt, or what I was thinking, I don't think I could publish it, as it feels too raw to share right now.

This month has been tough, really tough. Exhausted to a whole new level, worried and a little confused at how things suddenly went a bit haywire in my little world, mostly inside my head.

Right now I don't want to write about it too much, but I will, one day.

But today I had a fun bath with my little tyke, she is lovely, I am blessed to have her.

And there is still galaxy chocolate, a new series of 'I'm a celebrity' on the box, and a whole book of psalms to read, number 27 is my current fav.

That is all for now.

In the words of Arnie....'I'll be back' :)


  1. I had wondered where you'd been, I'm sorry things are tough. I know the feeling at the mo, and I'm trying to work my way through Psalms too! I'm more trying to get in the habit of reading the Bible again, and it feels a good place to start, lots of trusting in God so far! Look after yourself, and hugs.
    Helen x

    1. oops my previous reply didn't publish, sorry. Thanks for asking, very kind of you. THings are pretty bleak with energy levels, but slowly feeling a little more like myself ! Getting lots of help, and reading Psalms is great isn't it.
      H x

  2. Hi Helen, sorry I have only just seen your comment :) Yes things have picked up a little bit, just totally exhausted with this pregnancy and CFS got quite bad. Feeling a little more like myself this week, albeit a very 'lying in bed' one !
    Psalms are great aren't they.