Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today was my biggest's sport day, well, when I say sports day, think a gaggle of 3 year olds running about, attempting obstacle courses, not entirely sure what they are supposed to be doing. She was a bit young to fully enjoy it, but another 'First' for me as a Mummy today.
Sports day - check.

2. My little one has started walking, and he is fast. He also has an overarm throw on him, which, if continues to improve could pop him on a fast track as a javelin throwing olympian. 
So far his throwing skills have broken two mugs 
( of course they weren't the cheap ones ) and a Denby plate.

3. We went camping a few weeks back with a group of friends, it was a lot of work, and I came home with a throat infection, BUT, it was worth it, and made me very glad of the english countryside and the friends I have who are 'doing life' with us.

4. I have had more energy than usual, so am trying to reduce the price of our weekly shop, I had forgotten how much money you can save when you have energy to cook, and chop stuff, and withstand a visit to a budget supermarket from time to time.

5. I had also forgotten how much I love it when it is warm enough to make the transition from inside to outside without the need to change clothing.

6. Husbando is off with a load of stinky teenagers on a 'Duke of Edinburgh' trip this week. I am yet to decide who drew the short straw, me being with the kids solo for a few days, or him in a field in the rain. ..... jury is still out.

7. I had my eye on a top recently that I liked, was £16, just too expensive for my budget, saw it on the 'sale rail' for £4 - result.

8. I have just had a coffee with a friend who lives on our street, and has the same aged kiddos as me. When we moved here, a little way from my existing network of friends, I prayed for a friend who I 'clicked' with, who also had kids the same age, and whaddya know, she materialised ! 

9.  I always love Glastonbury weekend, I set myself up with some tasty snacks, get my remote and enjoy the festival vibe from the comfort of my dry sofa. Have to say some of the presenters this year did my head in just a teensy bit, I used to love it when John Peel and Jo Whiley just winged it as they went along. Getting a bit old maybe ?!

10.  This little chap was fairly grouchy for most of our camping trip, apart from when eating strawberries.........

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