Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I hear there are some parents who manage to dress their kids in matching socks EVERY day, and have well hoovered cars. I aspire to such dizzy heights. Our car has it's own micro system, largely started by rice cakes and bread sticks.

2. The sun has come's spring. THANK GOD.

3. My boy mostly says 'this' or 'see'....think I need to start using some more useful words to add to his vocabulary.

4. 2- 4pm.....I dislike those hours. Give me 10am every time.

5. At the moment this is our favourite book..... So funny and is a book long poem, love it.

6. If I was ever to do a PHD it would be research into where socks and teaspoons go. WHERE ARE THEY ALL ?

7. It's 1pm and I need to think of something to do this afternoon. I have had lots of offers from lovely friends of company, but today I lack the energy to hurd/police/play with my small kids whilst simultaneously talking to someone else, so we are going it alone. 
Daddy had a breakfast meeting and one after work too, so it could be a loooong one.

8. Most days we watch Balamory, and every time I look at 'Miss Hooly' and want to climb into the television and give her a restyle. Just call me the fashion police. 

9. World book day - more like 'world dressing up day'......nuff said.

10. I'm thinking give it another week or so and I will be wearing my flip flops - 'FREE THE FEET'....
I like to think my feet will look like this 
the reality will be RATHER different.

Happy Tuesday friends !

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