Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The year endeth once more...

What a year this one has been………

This time last year there was a person growing within,
Now he's come out and I'm once again thin, (ish)
He drained me of all I had to offer,
Spending endless days in bed, and eating like a troffer….
Eventually he emerged, with a fair bit of pushing,
Then he ate and slept, (with quite a lot of 'shushing')

He grew and developed, now he can crawl,
Little tyke has started nursery,
But most of all, 
I have my two kids, both healthy and happy
(Unless Woody is sat in a dirty nappy) !
He's quite loud, my youngest little Deane,
Playing on his own, he is not keen.

I thought I may break under the pressure;
CFS, a baby and a toddler,
Not a great combination to offer,
I am loving life right now, tired, but not broken, content and satisfied,
With my friends, family and life with a pushchair ride.

But the year 2013 has been and gone,
I know that it won't be long,
Til i'm writing my end of year poem once more,
So 2014, give us your best,
I will give it my all, and God can do the rest. 

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  1. I hope 2014 is a great year for you and that advancements are made in CFS treatment! I'd like to ask you a few questions when you have a moment. Please email me at mtrucillo(at)recallcenter(dot)com. Thanks!