Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Turns out a Juliet balcony can have it's uses for entertaining a small child........

2. Peppa Pig has been through the washing machine, (contrary to label guidelines) and has survived, although no longer has the rosy cheeks she once did. 

3. I was reading some statistics today about poverty, sanitation, education etc and as ever was shocked to my core by the stark reality that I am in the complete minority when i turn on a tap, flush a loo, go to the Doctor or buy all the food I need from a supermaket. The world we humans have constructed is insanely unfair.

4. Next week we head for snowdonia and the Llynn peninsula, can't wait. Not only do I get to see some of my favourite hills and seaside, but I get to to be there with nearly all my favourite people. ( of course there are a few of you not there !) 

5. There is more Vitamin C in broccoli than an orange..........maybe we should all sit around at Christmas and munch on a stem or two instead ? And there'd be no peal to leave on the arm of the sofa.

6. Tried finger painting with Willow today, she wasn't interested........slightly gutted, but happy not to have to clear up the mess.

7. I am sick of hearing about that Adam Werrity fella and his pal Dr Fox. Yes he overstepped the mark, do i want to hear about it anymore, no thanks.

8.  This '10 on tuesday' idea was stolen from a die hard blogger, it wasn't my own idea, so thanks Sarah :) you are a blogging legend.........
When they are all published and win a booker prize, I shall mention you in the credits I promise.

9. At this time of year I miss knocking on kids doors and inviting them the kids klub at our church. Many years ago i spent hours and hours doing it each week, and 6 years on I still miss it. 

10. Did you know that if you put a laptop charger in your mouth while it's plugged into the mains, you get an electric shock..... who knew ?


  1. Number 10 is right up there with not knowing which tree acorns come from Mrs Deane! x

  2. This time of year is when you miss visiting? The run up to Halloween and bonfire night is NOT when I miss it! But I'm a scaredy cat. Like that you've taken Ms James' advice and gone blogging. So far so good. Lu x

  3. beautiful! What have you done to Peppa tho?! No rosy cheeks! My goodness finger painting! WOAH...J is not going to be aware of paints, pens, crayons or anything that can leave marks till she is about 7. Great blog xx